Global Cinema Collection

The history of media is a global history – involving the exchange of workers, styles, and technologies across national borders.

French publications, such as Cine-Journal and Cinéa, reveal the important contributions of French filmmakers to film history. However, these French periodicals also contain advertisements for American films and demonstrate the popularity of certain global stars, such as Charles Chaplin and Sessue Hayakawa (both of whom had careers that criss-crossed national borders).

Some publications themselves were transnational creations. American and Canadian film enthusiasts were among the readers of Home Movies & Home Talkies, the British magazine for amateur filmmakers. Meanwhile, J.P. Chalmers—publisher of the American trade paper Moving Picture World—also published Cine-Mundial for the Spanish language market.

As a global history, media history has also been greatly influenced by the course of international events. The increased number of American film advertisements in Cinéa (1921-1923) compared to Cine-Journal (1908-1912) speaks to the global market dominance of the American film industry that occurred due to the devastation of European lives, economies, and film industries during World War I (1914-1918).

The Italian journal Cinema championed film as an art form, and it contains articles by future art cinema icons, such as Michelangelo Antonioni. However, no film or publication exists in a political vacuum. Just look at the masthead and see the name of Cinema’s editor-in-chief: Vittorio Mussolini, son of the nation’s dictator Benito Mussolini.

European Film Industry - General

European Motion-Picture Industry in 1932


Cinéa (1921-1923)

Cine-Journal (1908-1912)

Filmatheque Pathé-Baby (1931)

La Cinématographie Française (1937)

La Revue du cinéma (1928-1929)


Der Kinematograph (1907-1908)

Filmkuenstler: wir ueber uns selbst (1928)

Filmland:deutsche Monatschrift (Berlin) (1924-1925)

Film-Magazin Vereinigt Mit Filmwelt (Berlin) (1929)

Film-Photos wie noch nie (1929)

Kulturfilme UFA (1925)

UFA Katalog der Saison 1929/30 (1929)

UFA Verleih-Programme 1924-25 (1924)

Universal Filmlexikon (1932-33)


FilmIndia (1937-1949)


Cinema (Rome) (1939-1940)


Cinema Year Book of Japan (1936-1938)